Planning & Land Court Work in Queensland

At Reel Planning we specialise in handling legal matters critical to the development industry. We understand that when engaging in minor or significant development projects, some legal hurdles are par for the course.

With the help of Reel Planning, these legal hurdles are handled efficiently and with minimal disruption. Instead of allowing a lawsuit, court issue or another legal matter to delay or derail your development project, our court experts ensure the matter is resolved swiftly, affordably and successfully.
Court work — Reel Planning in Rockhampton, QLD
Expert Witness Services

We offer the following expert witness services in the Planning and Environment Court, Land Court and Supreme Court:

  • Without prejudice / mediation negotiations
  • Preparation of highest and best use reports for valuation disputes and compulsory land resumption matters;
  • Preparation of joint expert reports and expert statements; and
  • Appear as a town planning expert witness in Court